On Tuesday, June 24th Apple did something quite extraordinary. 

They published a full page in the morning Wall Street Journal  that did not promote a product, but a way of doing things.

A way of working that has, what we at WHITESPACE call, "QID".  QID stands for quality in the details. It is the value that is created when real time and thought is taken to imagine how your customer experiences a product. ALL your customers (especially ones very different to yourself). It is the unique integrity that comes when all the nuts and bolts, the uttered sentences, and the written words are aligned. 

Yes, the ad is still strategic. It promotes the brand, furthers Steve Jobs’ legacy, and reinforces the company’s differentiation in design - but - no pun intended,  let’s look at the details.  Can you think of any other company that can keep your attention for a 29-line soliloquy? The ad may read like a consensus-built, Shakespearean Hallmark card, but listen to these sweet serenades to Biz Strategy 101:

  • Experience
  • Experience it as the customer
  • Pick something to be good at – “don’t get stuck in the middle”
  • It’s what you don’t do as much as what you do
  • We are proud of our product – we ARE our product  (“PAS”)

Maybe we should follow Apple’s lead more often and ask:

“Who will this help? Does it make life better? Does this deserve to exist…”?